January 31, 2023
WhatsApp develops a version for Windows that does not require a mobile phone

WhatsApp develops a version for Windows that does not require a mobile phone

Meta Group has finally launched another product based on the social messaging network, providing a smaller interface for PCs. The novelty was formalized this Tuesday, the 16th, while tablets and other devices will have to wait for other configurations. Apple devices also have to wait for the next change.

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After defining the WhatsApp Web version, the company realized that many people and companies love to use the application on their desktop. Thus, they began to look for a suitable solution to the problem. Although it works normally in the browser, the connection may fail and not all messages load quickly. Those who work from home and need stability are complaining quite a bit about this situation.

WhatsApp for Windows should make communication more convenient than the web version

Therefore, a different application has been developed, keeping in mind the usability of the operating system. So, simply access the Microsoft Store to start using your number, and dispense with logging in with your smartphone identification on all accesses. The differences noted were improved information upload, download speed, and practicality.

Certain activities have been restricted in order to protect users’ privacy. It is not possible to share the location, send chat links, video call, or call contacts who have not updated WhatsApp. Whoever uses the number on the iPhone, can not delete messages yet, remembering that the launched model is simplified, but meets the basic needs of the audience.