September 28, 2023
WhatsApp functionality prevents people from leaving you in a vacuum

WhatsApp functionality prevents people from leaving you in a vacuum

No one is worth waiting for hours to get a response from a specific person in a WhatsApp group. However, it seems that this problem is about to end. Users of the platform will be able to see who has interacted with a message in a particular group and conversations.

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When you send an emoji in response to a conversation, the name of those who drew a reaction will appear as a notification. Therefore, anyone can check the interest of others with their comments. Reactions with emoticons, which have already been used in other social networks, made the application connection dynamic and able to accurately express emotions.

Find out how the WhatsApp function that encourages people to reply to messages quickly will work

The WABetaInfo portal has published the news about the ongoing testing in a beta version. Few have access and the expectation is that the update will arrive for Android and iOS soon. The alternative of activating the application, and allowing interaction not to stop, could result in a split of opinions depending on the activation model for those opinions.

In addition to the function that alerts when a photograph is taken, registration of this mechanism becomes mandatory when it is activated. Therefore, everyone has the possibility to know who sent a sticker or not. However, it is worth waiting for the change to happen, while noting the reaction of those who frequently use WhatsApp.