May 30, 2023
WhatsApp issues 'blocked emojis' to reply in messages

WhatsApp issues ‘blocked emojis’ to reply in messages

This week, WhatsApp made an announcement that got a lot of people excited. The ability to reply to messages within the app has reached a new level and it is now possible to use blocked emojis.

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A few months ago, WhatsApp was working on an update. The goal was to hear back from the users. Now, you can reply to messages with any emoji. This means that even the blocked emoji can be used by anyone using the messaging platform.

Initially, the information came from WABetaInfo that specializes in WhatsApp news, but it was recently confirmed by the company. According to the text, the new tool that allows you to interact with blocked emojis was discovered in the beta version of the app a few months ago. Thus, only official testers of the platform can access the feature at this time.

However, since Monday (11), users of the popular version of the app have already started receiving the notification on their screens. In other words, the resource is put into action.

Emojis banned due to reaction released on WhatsApp

Until then, before this new messenger update, only 6 types of popular emoji can be used to reply to messages. However, any existing emoji can now be used for the same purpose, even the blocked emoji.

When replying to a message, the user checks the full list of famous faces and icons available in the navigation. This is a request from users who seek more freedom on chat platforms and social networks.

New available in Brazil

Although it is already active, WhatsApp is gradually releasing the feature and there are still devices that have not received the news. WhatsApp has not yet announced when all users registered on the platform will arrive.

What is known is that development is over and it no longer belongs exclusively to the beta version.

This is one of the novelties that WhatsApp launched this year for its “customers”. The platform is one of the most advanced new features over time, and this has already become to be expected.