December 3, 2023
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WhatsApp now lets you delete messages after two days

a The WhatsApp Announcing another novelty. Users will be able to delete messages for everyone in conversations for up to two days after they are sent.

Until then, users were limited to exactly one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds for clicking Delete for All. After that, the only option available was “Scan for me”.

However, with the new update, erroneously sent messages can be deleted for everyone after 48 hours. It is worth noting that the feature to delete messages was introduced in the messaging platform in 2017.

How do you delete messages?

To delete a message, the user has to place their finger on the sent content to select it. When you have installed it, at the top of the screen, click the trash can icon and select the option: “Delete for me” or “Delete for everyone”.

The news was announced via the official account on the social networking site Twitter. In the text, the officials wrote that people “now” will “have a little more than two days” to delete the messages.

Why isn’t the new feature showing up for me?

usually , The WhatsApp It releases its resources gradually, therefore, it is possible that the news will not be available to all users at once, including you.

However, a good solution is to keep the app up to date. While this does not guarantee changes will appear faster, getting the new version makes it easier to get new functionality.

Here’s how to update WhatsApp:

  1. Go to Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple) and search for “WhatsApp”;
  2. On the application page, check if there is a button with the title “Update”;
  3. Click “Update” and wait for the download;
  4. The application will restart and be updated.
  5. If the message “Open” is on the “Update” button, then the application is already in the latest available version.

A new feature is to prevent account hacking

a The WhatsApp It is developing a feature to protect users from unauthorized logins or hacking attempts. An update found in Android beta that asks the user to validate an access attempt on another device by confirming the device name and the time the operation took place.

According to what was discovered, the function will be a last resort in the fight against inappropriate access, and is very valid in cases where the verification code is violated. In short, the notification in the app will ask for a confirmation to “transfer your WhatsApp account to another cell phone” and, accordingly, will allow access to be denied or authorized.

However, it is still unknown how the feature will work. Therefore, it is possible that the alert will be issued when the main device is turned on, or without the cell phone being required to allow or disallow account migration. However, it is still unclear the need to enable the security layer in the application settings.

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