October 3, 2023
WhatsApp queue and other app news

WhatsApp queue and other app news

The whatsapp queue This is a new messaging feature that is in the testing phase and promises to give administrators greater control over groups.

Read and check out everything you need to know about this new feature, as well as other new features planned in the future for the app.

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How will the new WhatsApp feature work

The new feature, which loosely translates to “group member consent,” adds a new field where administrators can check who submitted membership requests. Therefore, you can choose whether or not to approve new users.

Consent of members in groups

According to the site information WABetaInfoThe feature is not standard or required in the app, so the administrator must enable the option. Until then, the functionality is only being tested in the beta version of the app on Android.

As for user consents, they can be implemented within groups, in the area that shows more information about them. Since it is still in the development stage, there is no exact date for the official release.

Other news that will be implemented in WhatsApp in the future

It was recently reported that WhatsApp is working on a feature to allow the creation of polls in groups. If the result is positive, then the tool should be launched in the next updates of the messenger.

  • Status feedback on desktop (beta) versions

The beta version of WhatsApp Web is testing a functionality that allows the user to interact with the status of contacts with up to eight emoji options. If approved, the functionality should be launched in the near future on Android and iOS versions.

  • Additional permission for mobile device

In addition to being able to connect up to four web devices (PC) to the same account, the messaging app is also testing the possibility of including another smartphone linked to the account. This way, users will be able to use the app on more different devices.