February 6, 2023
O WhatsApp lançou um novo recurso para os usuários do aplicativo que pode beneficiar as conversas. Veja como!

WhatsApp released “Secret Mode”? See how you use it!

WhatsApp users will soon be able to access the new features offered by the app. Each of them is designed to provide a more interesting user experience, targeting the needs and interaction of contacts with each other.

Want to know more about secret mode, what it is for and how to activate it? So keep following us below so you don’t miss any important information about it!

WhatsApp has launched a new feature for users of the app that can benefit conversations. See how! / credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Secret status for WhatsApp

Basically, secret mode is a method Meta has found to provide users with a way to access two accounts at once in the messenger. In short, it creates a “copy” of the app on smartphones so that two different accounts can be created. For this, you need two SIM cards and an Android device. See step by step:

  • First, open the app and go to the Applications tab or the Advanced Features tab;
  • Then click on the “Dual messenger” or “Dual apps” option;
  • Then select the “WhatsApp” option;
  • At that moment, a message will appear on the screen asking if you want to create a copy of the application. click “Install”;
  • Go to your apps and tap on the WhatsApp app which has an orange icon;
  • So, open the app and create a new messenger account;
  • ready! From there, you will be able to access two different accounts within the same cell phone.

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In-app avatars

In addition to the secret mode option, the messenger recently launched a feature that allows avatars to be used as a profile picture. In addition to this feature, the app also allows users to send stickers with their avatar’s face when chatting with contacts.

WhatsApp launches several options for different groups so that the user can customize their profile picture the way they want, such as hair, facial features, clothes, and even accessories. That is, these models are similar to those of Facebook and Instagram, but Meta has not yet reported whether there will be some kind of integration between all applications.

According to the information from the app, several changes are still to be made over time to improve the style of the characters, such as adding lighting, hair textures, and shading. That’s because this feature is still being tested, as well as creating stickers with the avatar’s face. Here’s how to create yours:

  • access your application;
  • Already on the main screen, tap the icon for more options (?) or “Settings”, in the case of iPhone users;
  • Next, click on “avatar”.
  • Next, click on the “Create Avatar” option;
  • After that, you just need to select the available options for creating your own avatar and start using it in the messenger.

This feature was created to help users better communicate within the app, as it can be used in conversations and as a profile picture. If the user wants to delete their avatar, just open the screen again and click on the “Delete Avatar” option.

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