November 28, 2023

WhatsApp serves users and announces SUPER awaited news

It is the fact that The WhatsApp It has become a working tool for many people. However, the restriction image size, as well as the low quality and accuracy of the material sent via the application is an obstacle for many. Thinking about it, the new WhatsApp update has brought the feature that allows you to send images in the original quality.

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The action benefits a series of professionals, such as photographers and designers. This is because today the application offers three options for uploading image quality: automatic mode, best quality or data saving.

However, it does not include sending original material and file compression. As a result, materials are often sent to the client through other platforms.

Download in high resolution

Version of The WhatsApp It is still in beta, i.e. in the testing phase. In it, the functionality is presented by means of an icon next to the photo sending tools. This way, when clicked on, users will have the option to choose the image quality to send through the messaging app.

In short, this feature provides more control over the files that are uploaded to another user. It should be noted that the update is something that benefits those who work with high-quality images such as photographers and designers.

However, there is still no exact date for this news to reach all WhatsApp users. In some cases, new features announced for an app take months before they are completely ready to be released to the general public. It remains to wait.