February 6, 2023

WhatsApp update allows you to recover accidentally deleted messages

Posted on 12/20/2022 3:29 PM

(Credit: Antonby/Pixabay)

On Monday (12/19), WhatsApp announced a new update that will allow users to undelete messages in the app.

The new feature will help people who wanted to delete content for everyone in the group, but ended up clicking “Delete for me” by mistake. However, the feature does not undo the deletion after clicking Delete for Everyone.

“We’ve added a ‘delete for me’ undo option for those times when you want to delete for everyone but accidentally delete only for yourself,” said Will Cathcart, Director of WhatsApp.

Modernity is now available for Android and iPhone (iOS) users.

How to undo Wipe for Me:

  1. After sending the message, tap on it and then tap on “Delete”;
  2. After selecting “erase me”, press “Undo”, within five seconds;
  3. Then the text will return to the chat.

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