July 18, 2024

WhatsApp: version allows you to hide the online status of the application; see how

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users The WhatsApp He may already have access to a long-awaited feature. The option to hide online status is already available in the beta version of the messenger for Android.

Until then, this possibility was limited to “last seen”. With the novelty, people will be able to access files The WhatsApp Without worrying about being disturbed by activity on the platform.

In this way, with the new Android update for Messenger, the user can completely hide the “Online” status from all his contacts or only from specific people.

How to remove the word “online” from WhatsApp

Before anything else, you will need to make sure that you are using version of The WhatsApp beta. Once you’re done, go to Settings and select Account > Privacy > Last Seen and Online.

The option labeled “Who can see when I’m online” will appear and you will have to choose among the options: “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “Nobody” or “My Contacts Except…”.

It is noteworthy that the inverse rule remains valid. So if you cancel an ‘online’ offer for one person or for all, you won’t be able to see when they’re active either

However, according to specialized portal WABetaInfo, the feature will be launched soon for the stable version of the messenger, including iOS. But until then, there are no expectations.

Here’s how to put two pictures on your profile

users The WhatsApp Two images can be placed in the application profile. Although messenger does not have a specific tool for this version, it is possible to combine two images in another application and turn them into one media for later use.

Even if it seems complicated, know that the procedure is very simple and practical.

Learn how to join two photos on Instagram

  1. Open Instagram on your mobile phone;
  2. Go to the option to create a story;
  3. Then click “Layout” in the left menu;
  4. Select the split screen layout and take a picture or upload the camera picture to fill the left and right picture;
  5. Adjust the position of the photos and press the “Confirm” icon in the center of the screen;
  6. Instead of publishing the story, tap on the “three dots” icon in the upper right corner and select “Save”;
  7. ready! If you don’t want to post the montage to your story, ignore it.

It is worth noting that other applications that offer the same installation option can also be used.

See how to change your profile picture

With the image of the two images saved in your gallery, now change the profile picture of The WhatsApp. Check step by step:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone;
  2. go to settings”;
  3. Click on your photo and then on the “Camera” icon;
  4. On the next screen, choose the “Gallery” option;
  5. Once done, select the image you created, and set it in the indicated space;
  6. To finish the procedure, click OK.

See what success is on the Internet:

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