December 9, 2022
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WhatsApp will allow groups to have up to 1024 participants

To provide the best user experiences The WhatsAppThe app undergoes a series of innovations frequently. New features are released in the messenger, and according to the information, the following feature will be very useful for those who participate in groups.

This is because, recently, a file The WhatsApp I was informed that the number of participants in groups could be increased soon. It is important to note that this capacity has already been increased twice.

Groups with the largest number of participants

This year, the messenger development lab conducted some tests to increase the number of participants in groups, reaching 512 members.

However, tests have shown that WhatsApp has the ability to accommodate more people in groups, with a total of 1,024 participating users.

According to the WABetaInfo portal, a site specializing in The WhatsAppThe company responsible for the messenger has accelerated the launch of the new feature, also considering that many companies are using this feature to increase the efficiency of their communication.

Devices using the beta version of the app will receive the updated platform, and for others, access will be provided gradually.

When will the bill for using WhatsApp be paid?

Meta announced that it will soon launch a paid version of The WhatsApp. The service has not yet been officially announced, but some information can already be found in the media. a WhatsApp Premium Promises to innovate the sector.

When will WhatsApp Premium be released?

Due to the high expectations, many are already waiting for the launch of the paid version of WhatsApp. However, it is worth noting that the service does not have a start-up deadline. What is known so far is that the “feature” will target users of the business-oriented messenger.

In short, the new version of WhatsApp will allow users to connect up to 10 devices to the account and create links with the company name in the URL. In other words, it will be an “improved” way of the current WhatsApp Businesswhich only allows up to 4 devices to be paired simultaneously.

Fake news from the new WhatsApp

With the pre-announcement of the new WhatsApp service, people with bad intentions have already started spreading Fake News through social media. Misleading advertisements include:

“Confirmed… Free messages will expire tomorrow, they will start charging WhatsApp at 0.37 cents. Resend this message to 3+ groups, and it will be free for life. Pay attention to the ball, because it will turn green, do it and see. I sent it.” Already “.

According to the advice of the messaging platform, this message is not real. The company reiterates that it does not charge any kind of fee for sending or receiving messages through the application.

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