July 14, 2024

WhatsApp will issue ‘Blocked Emoji’ to reply to messages

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WhatsApp will issue 'Blocked Emoji' to reply to messages
WhatsApp will issue 'Blocked Emoji' to reply to messages

a The WhatsApp He’s working on an update that aims to hear back from users. If the plans come to fruition, it will be possible to reply to messages with any emoji. This means that even the blocked emoji can be used by anyone using the messaging platform.

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The information came from WABetaInfo, which specializes in WhatsApp news. According to the text, the new tool that allows you to interact with blocked emojis has been discovered in the beta version of the application. Thus, only official platform testers will be able to access the feature at this time.

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It is worth noting that the feature is still in development and has been observed in the desktop version of WhatsApp and iOS operating systems. Today, only 6 types of popular emoji can be used to respond to messages. However, any existing emoji can be used for the same purpose, even the blocked emoji.

When replying to a message, the user will have a complete list of famous faces and icons available in the navigation. This is a request from users who seek more freedom on chat platforms and social networks.

When will the new feature be launched?

Although it is already active, only trial users can try it out. WhatsApp has not yet announced when the new will be activated for all users registered on the platform.

What is known is that development is advanced and already has final screens. In general, when the information is at the same stage, it is because it takes so little time to officially release it.

This is another one of the news that WhatsApp is preparing for its registered users. The platform is one of the most advanced new features over time, and this has already become to be expected. Very soon, even blocked emojis can be used in message reactions within the most used messenger in Brazil.

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