December 2, 2023
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WhatsApp will not have single view messages for this version; see any

a WhatsApp Web It is the browser version of the world’s most used instant messaging platform. After the mobile model (for mobile phones and tablets), the desktop messenger is the most in demand. Considering the release traffic has increased, the Meta is working on new updates.

users The WhatsApp Desktop will not be able to open single view uploaded media. The goal is to enhance more security of the content shared through the messenger. However, a new tool will also be implemented in the application for the same purpose.

New WhatsApp tool blurs screenshots of chats

Regarding the new tool for WhatsApp mobile, it will allow blocking of prints and blurring of image content. In short, when a user tries to take a screenshot of an uploaded image, the image will be automatically blurred. In this way, the feature comes as an extra layer of security.

In other words, it will no longer be possible to take a screenshot by means of a photo or video recording sent in a single view. To increase the effectiveness of the new security rule, users will no longer be able to open any of the messages of the same type in the web version.

Also, it will not be possible to send photos or videos in a single view from the desktop version for Windows or macOS users. still according to WABetaInfoThe update will be available in November, but the release will happen gradually.

Here’s how to track anyone using WhatsApp

Anyone who wants to perform the procedure must make sure that the person is connected to the Internet. Otherwise, the feature cannot work. In addition, the device must be to allow the Messenger to use the GPS signal.

If one of the above requirements is not activated, there is no way to track the action. But after checking and running the steps, it is now possible to move on to the checking stage.

Currently, users The WhatsApp A person’s location can be known within 15-minute, 1-hour, or 8-hour intervals. There is also a real-time location option, the time of which is unlimited.

Here is how to activate this function on Android and iOS phones:


  1. Open the conversation with whom you want to share your location;
  2. Then tap on the paperclip icon;
  3. Once you’re done, click on “Location” and then select “Real-time location”.
  4. Go to “Continue” and set the sharing time. Click on the green arrow button that will allow you to share your place;
  5. The site is displayed in the chat in frame format. To continue, just open the map and click on the “View real-time location” option;
  6. Then click Continue.


  1. Open the conversation with the contact you want to share your location with;
  2. then click “+”;
  3. Then press “Location”;
  4. Finally, select the time (15 minutes, 1 or 8 hours) for which you want to keep the information. Send the message by clicking the arrow.

It is worth noting that the tool is native to WhatsApp, without the need to use other applications or software to run it.