February 5, 2023
When a void in WhatsApp is necessary;  Tips that can help

When a void in WhatsApp is necessary; Tips that can help

Social networks bring together thousands of acquaintances, especially when you have a wider network of contact. Of course, everyone expects to receive messages, but not everyone is so helpful right now, cutting out quick replies. In this way, letting someone loose is often due to thinking about certain priorities, to keeping your routine organized, and to fulfilling commitments.

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Learn how to be more discreet on WhatsApp

Reply to messages with emojis

There are hundreds of emoji To reply, with the option to press a text box or a file in the chat, and forward a reaction. This alternative prevents the subject from being drawn in too long, leading to too much interaction. Remember that access to all icons is via the “Add” button.

Remove the read receipt

Access Settings and then Privacy, by clicking on the Read Receipts setting. From that moment on, no one will know that you have read the messages and the views of your contacts will not be available either, even by clicking on the “data” area.

Disable last seen

If people don’t know the exact time of your last login, they may charge less for your attention. In Settings, open the Privacy menu and in the Last seen online option, select Nobody. Another, more recent change is to disable Connected.

Archive the chat or mute the person

To stop receiving notifications, try to archive unimportant conversations, and unarchive them whenever you want by pressing the chat button. This is the easiest and quickest way to get rid of persistent calls, but it can still be muted.

No one needs to be banned unless they are disrespecting you, violating the main rules of the platform, and making themselves vulnerable to reports and bans. So, these features ensure that you have more Total-Control who should or shouldn’t communicate with you on certain topics.