January 28, 2023

“When the kissing scene was…”; Maria Zelda hands Globo backstage and reveals the Mar do Sertão star’s alleged poor hygiene


The actress is known for not mincing words when talking about her soap opera partners

Pictures: reproduction/official instagram by Maria Zelda.
PHOTOS: The Reproduction/Official Instagram of Maria Zelda.

actress Maria Zeldaknown for her roles in blockbuster films of the 1990s and 2000s, Offer something to talk about when commenting on a famous Globo actor🇧🇷 On this occasion, the famous revealed that during the recording of the TV series Bebe a Bordeaux (1988), he was the star of Mar de Sertão (2022 – present) He may have some unhealthy habits.

Maria told on her social networks what it was like to experience acting with José de Abreu. 🇧🇷I liked the plot. And behind the scenes, the character’s feet only showed up because they were a product of my imagination. Until they decided who would be the actor [para interpretar]🇧🇷 It was decided to be Jose de Abreu”Famous began.

“He was on a very crazy stage. I drank a lot. And he was so compulsive that there were some scenes where we were tied to a tree, back to back. You know he forced the stagehand to put the cachaça in his mouth.”She complained about having to kiss him at that time.

“So, man, when the kissing scene was… Damn, the one who smokes like hell. You know?”commented. “The question was, have you ever kissed someone with your breath?”, It is to explain. Finally, Mariah still revealed that sometimes she had to act out the actor while he was supposedly sweaty, stinky, and smelled of drinks and cigarettes.