October 2, 2022
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Where is Cinderella? Try to solve the logic challenge now

A good logical challenge helps your brain to think differently in many different contexts. Can you find the missing Cinderella in this picture? Be careful, there are many items created just to distract you from the central focus.

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Where is Cinderella? Solve the logic challenge now

Everyone knows the classic children’s story depicting Cinderella’s life, right? She is that girl who went to a hidden party with the help of magic, in a gourd cart and wearing glass slippers. The rest of the tale is well known and needs no explanation here.

Your task is just to find the beautiful Cinderella hidden in the drawing. However, attention should be paid to the details, as the character mingles among the party guests.

The only possible advice to facilitate the solution of the puzzle is to use logical reasoning. Remember that this is a logical test and does not use optical illusions or hidden elements that are difficult to solve.

After all, where is Cinderella in the picture?

As mentioned earlier, there are some red herrings in the illustration. They are just placed there to boggle your mind and make the logic challenge more interesting. This means that the character is not the one holding the pumpkin or holding a broom. These elements are present in the original story, but they are not the focus here.

To solve this test, your attention should first turn to the prince. He is seated on the royal throne while someone presents a glass slipper to Cinderella on a tray.

Therefore, you had to look for the character who lost one of the shoes. No, it’s not crouching, after all, she just took off one of her shoes. In the left corner of the picture, you are looking at the Prince, a woman with only a glass slipper on her feet. She is Cinderella.