January 28, 2023

Where is the hidden thing? You only have 11 seconds

your challenge skills The note will help you when you solve this mystery With many messy things. Take this time to get rid of the stress of the week or heavy workload and help Anna find what she needs!

You must find the hidden item in just 11 seconds. Do you see the challenge?

In the picture below, you will see a red-haired girl named Anna, who is standing in front of a huge pile of things and seems to be searching for something specific. What item are you looking for?

There is a clue to the items she is looking for in her mind. Anna wants to find her things for a tennis lesson: a gym bag, a tennis racket, tennis balls and shoes for the lesson.

Anna has time for class to start, so how can you help her find everything she needs before class starts?

Test your observational skills in just 11 seconds

Today you have to find 4 items that are hidden in this huge pile of messy and disorganized things. Since there are four objects, your observation skills will be tested to find all the missing items that Anna needs.

Put the eagle’s eye into action and find everything Anna needs for her tennis lesson.

Benefits of jigsaw puzzles

Solving puzzles is a great way to keep your mind active and engaged, to reduce stress levels and improve your cognitive skills.

In addition to increasing self-confidence, when people can solve a problem, the puzzle increases their attention to the various details of the scene.

Improving problem-solving ability, analytical ability, memory, and spatial positioning are also some of the benefits associated with solving this game.

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The time of 11 seconds is too short for objects to be found. Therefore, having full attention in that moment is key.

Now that we’ve reached the end, did you manage to find all the items that Anna must get to class on time?

Look at the photo below to see where the things Anna was looking for.

Jigsaw puzzle with many messy objects

If you can find all the items in just 11 seconds, congratulations! Great job, it means your observational skills are up to date and so is your memory.