July 23, 2024

Where to watch ASA vs Cuiabá in the Copa del Rey on Wednesday 23/02

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Where to watch ASA vs Cuiabá in the Copa del Rey on Wednesday 23/02
Where to watch ASA vs Cuiabá in the Copa del Rey on Wednesday 23/02

This Wednesday, February 23, 2022, another game live football between two ASA and Cuiabá across the Brazil CupThe match will take place tonight, starting at 19:00 (Brazilian time).

Find out here everything there is to know about this match, plus: information about this game, lineups and how to watch this exciting match on TV and online.

Where do you watch?

This time with Cuiaba playing away from home. The transmission will be performed by Premier and Sport TVamong other things that follow the game in real time, minute by minute.

Both teams (ASA and Cuiabá) already have their potential lineups.

In addition to informing him of How to watch on TV and online fencing between ASA × CuiabaAlso, stay on top of all Brasileirão games and competitions around the world by viewing today’s game list here at CenárioMT.

After taking first place in the first stage of the Mato Grosso Championship, Cuiaba had another important encounter of the season with a duel against ASA at 18:00 (from Cuiaba), for the first time in the 2022 Copa Brasil.

Moving up the CBF rankings, Cuiaba plays away from home in this first stage, but has the advantage of a tie. ASA does not pass unless it wins.

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Arbitration duel today

Rule: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araujo (SP)
Helper 1: Evandro de Mello Lima (SP)
Helper 2: Luis Alberto Andrini Nogueira (SP)
Fourth ruling: Jose Jayne Bishop (AL)

Data sheet – ASA x Cuiabá

match ASA × Cuiaba
score board 0 × 0
date/time 02/23/2022 at 19:00
flow SportTV and Premiere
Goal The first round of the Brazilian Cup
Stadium Coaracy da Mata Fonseca
Escalation ASA Everton, Diola, Michel, Zandi, Benny, Assis, Jorginho, Caique Valdivia (Savio), Anderson Vigao, Junior Ficosa and Fidelis.
cuiaba assortment Paulo, Everton, Walter, Joao Lucas, Alan Emperor, Igor Carres, Camilo, Rafael Gava, Rodrigoinho, Elton and Alisson.
method Brazil Cup
progress Been completed

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15:30 – Tontum x Volta Redonda

19:00: Saljero vs Santos

19:00: Asa vs. Kuyaba

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19:00 – Azuriz x Botafogo-SP

20:00: Gloria vs Brasil de Pelotas

20:30 – Tocantinopolis vs Nautico

21:30 – Sergipe vs Cruzeiro

21:30 – Atletico BA vs CSA

22:00 – Humaitá vs Brasiliense

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