March 29, 2023

Whiskey mushrooms cover an American city and scare the residents | world

A Lincoln County resident shows a plant covered in a dark layer of whiskey mushroom in Tennessee, USA – Photo: Patrick Long/Personal Archive

Tennessee residents in the United States have problems with the so-called whiskey mushroom Which covers the entire city of Lincoln County. They blamed a Jack Daniel’s warehouse in the area, The New York Times reported.

The black fungus is said to be feeding alcohol fumes from which you emerge drums used to Aging whiskeyforming a dark crust Around trees, houses, cars, road signs, etc.

One of those residents, Patrick Long, sued the city earlier this year, alleging that authorities approved new warehouse construction without the company providing the proper permits.

Evaporation of ethanol inside the barrel houses converts to a Black fungus that attaches to anything that does not moveLong told WHNT radio in 2022.

Long also stated that he has spent thousands of dollars cleaning his properties frequently.

A judge last week ordered a halt to construction of new warehouses, according to local media, but that doesn’t solve residents’ problem with existing warehouses.

Brown Foreman, the company responsible for Jack Daniel’s barrels, stated this Ethanol fumes are within legal limits. The executives also claimed that the steam did not cause physical harm.

There are similar complaints from residents of other areas, who also live near whiskey distilleries. According to a New York Times report, one of the first reports of a fungus attack dates back to 1870 in France, near a cognac distillery, made by Antonin Baudouin. The scientific name of the fungus is in his honour.

The roof of a Tennessee resident’s property in the USA is covered with a dark layer of whiskey fungus – Photo: Patrick Long / Personal Archive

What is whiskey mushroom?

Scientific name is Baudouinia compniacensis. It’s a mushroom black coloring with one velvet texture This constitutes a Shell Its thickness varies between 1 and 2 cm, according to a survey conducted by the Indiana Institute of Health in the USA.

Fungus can grow on many surfaces, including plants, brick, metal, stainless steel, concrete, and plastic.

It grows near where it occurs. fermentationeither naturally, as in swamps, or manipulated by humans, as in distilleries.

Whiskey mushrooms use ethanol vapor for germination and reproduction.

According to an Institute of Health study, There are no reports of risks to human health happened because Baudouinia compniacensisbut They recommend using N95 masks, goggles, and gloves to remove it from surfaces.

Although fungi are not harmful to health, they can kill plants and trees, destroy their properties, and are resistant to high temperatures, which facilitates their spread in hot places.