September 30, 2023
Who abroad can withdraw forgotten money in banks?

Who abroad can withdraw forgotten money in banks?

The Central Bank (BC) receivables system has already received millions of inquiries, including from people living outside Brazil. However, the question of these Brazilians revolves around how to recover the forgotten money while they are outside the country. According to the British Columbia Convention, every citizen with available credit is entitled to redemption.

Consultation can be done on the Receivable Values ​​website. To do this, you only need to inform the CPF and date of birth. Or even CNPJ and company creation date. Regardless of the place of residence, the user must have a gold or silver account on the portal to access forgotten funds. Below, check out the details.

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Who abroad can withdraw forgotten money in banks?

If a citizen has an active account in Brazil with Pix, it is necessary to inform the registered key at the time of redemption. If you do not have Pix, you will need to arrange another form of transfer with your financial institution.

If the user does not have a bank account in Brazil, it is also necessary to contact the bank to find another alternative to send the forgotten money. In any case, the transfer must be made to the owner of the resource.

In addition, the new phase of the system is supposed to start on May 2. However, the strike by the BC servers made it impossible to meet the deadline. At this point, the Forgotten Money system is down, for consultations and refunds, with no return date.

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