January 29, 2023
Who is Barbara Borges' ex-husband who defended her?

Who is Barbara Borges’ ex-husband who defended her?

Pedro Delfino Marquez, ex-husband of Barbara Borges, is a pawn”farm 2022″ (RecordTV), He spoke in defense of the actress🇧🇷 Recently, Diolan Bezerra said that Papi’s ex must have “weighed” him off her back and that he was definitely the one who ended the marriage.

In the post, Pedro praised Barbara, classifying her as a special person, and declared that the actress admired her, although he had not watched the program.

But who is the ex-husband of the actress? splash Tells you!

The couple began their relationship in 2012 and have two children: Martin, 8, and Theo, 6.

The marriage ended in December 2020. “It must die to germinate. My marriage ended over a month ago, but from 8 years of love between Pedro and I, two small seeds of love were born that will always be our bond,” he wrote at the time.

In networking, Pedro is reserved. Businessman, Papi’s ex-husband showing photos of Rio de Janeiro landscapes and moments of relaxation.

The businessman even made it clear that he is a fan of Flamengo, in some photos where he appears wearing the Rio de Janeiro team shirt. Pedro has also placed himself in the 2022 presidential election, posting a montage of several artists supporting the elected president, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party).

Pedro also showed his sporting side: he showed in the gold medal post in football at the National Olympics for Justice Workers.

Martín and Theo, sons of Pedro and Papi, have also been featured in many publications.

When she announces the end of the marriage, Barbara highlights the relationship that still exists between the two because of the children.

“We will always be Martin and Theo’s parents, and for them, we will redefine our relationship. I reach for you, I trust you, I accept you, and I thank you,” he said.

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