December 9, 2022
Who is Chiara's father in Travisia?  The war committed a crime of secrecy · TV news

Who is Chiara’s father in Travisia? The war committed a crime of secrecy · TV news

war Humberto Martins didn’t just take kiara Jade Bacon is in the hospital after Deborah’s death (Grazi Massafera) at the movie premiere Transit. The businessman committed a crime to keep his ex-girlfriend’s daughter New Globo series at 9 am. Cedalia (Cassia Kiss) will discover that Guerra has forged the young woman’s birth certificate.

The discovery comes after Guerra asked the CEO to prepare the paperwork to transfer a number of shares in the company to her daughter’s name. Sedalia will tell her friend that it’s better for him to take a DNA test from then on Deborah had an affair with Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi).

He will say: “I don’t need any test to know that she is my daughter! The girl came out to me, to my family!”. Cidália will insist: “I just be practical: Tomorrow you vanish, The Moretti raised this rabbit, observing the actions, trying to get close to the girl … or even without your disappearance. You can find a way to protect Kiara’s rights without giving any chance of that happening.”

Guerra will not listen to the executive and will hand her the file along with her daughter’s documents. Sedalia will then see that her mother in the testimony is called Bianca Rossi. “Document falsification.. this is dangerous, Guerra! This is a crime!
War.. Do you really think that Kiara is your daughter?‘, he will ask earnestly.

He will say yes. Sedalia will say that’s not what the forgery suggests. “I just tried to shut all doors in that bastard’s face! File once and for all
The businessman explains that he can find an excuse to approach me or Kiara.”

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