June 29, 2022
Who is Faustau's brother-in-law?  Julinho Casares is the presenter of RecordTV

Who is Faustau’s brother-in-law? Julinho Casares is the presenter of RecordTV

Giulinho Casares drew attention when he appeared in a rare photo of his father, Fausto Silva Next to her children, this appeared today, in a post by her mother-in-law, Luciana Cardoso. As an animal rights advocate, he dates the band’s presenter’s eldest daughter, Lara Silva, and works as a presenter for rival RecordTV.

Lara Silva and Julino Casares started dating in April of last yearBut they follow Fausto Silva’s streak of living the relationship out of the spotlight on social networks. The boy has been a friend of his sister’s husband Joao, who he used to call his “little brother”, since 2017.

dog passion

Julino Casares’ trip to the United States in 2010 changed his life. The then advertising student met an Alaskan Malamute and was delighted with the pet.

On his return to Brazil, he imported a perfect dog from Russia, and the following year, he opened a kennel, in Boituva, in the interior of São Paulo, to work in animal husbandry.

Since then Julinho has bred dogs of the Alaskan Malamute and Shetland Shepherd breeds. He currently has a total of 38 baby dogs.

Dog sledge race champion

In 2012 Julinho Casares became news in Brazil thanks to the conquest of the South American bobsleigh championship, which was held in the city of Ushuaia, in Patagonia Argentina.

In the tournament, the athletes competed against 19 people who were driving dog sleds. Won the Alaskan Malamute Purebred Dog category.

Participation in “Domingão”

Destiny that speaks, right? With an achievement in the skating championships, Julinho was invited to participate in “Domingão do Faustão” (Rede Globo), in 2013, to speak about the achievement.

There, he had no idea that he would be the first of many contacts with Lieutenant Colonel Fausto Silva.

success on youtube

In 2017, an animal rights advocate, Casares, decided to create a YouTube channel called “Bom Pra Cachorro”. The idea was to showcase his work with the pet world and help the audience with basic animal care tips.

Today, Casares channel has nearly 6 million views with tips and solutions aimed at providing well-being to pets.

table on “today”

Thousands of views on the Internet brought Julio Casares an invitation to release the painting “Enquanto Meu Dono Não Vem” on “Hoje em Dia” (RecordTV).

Thus, the pet world specialist began helping families look for solutions in dealing with dogs that are messy, barking a lot, among other problems, on a daily basis.

The father is the president of Sao Paulo

Julinho Casares is a die-hard fan of São Paulo football club. By the way, the presenter has a close relationship with the everyday life of the Morumbi club because his father Julio Casares is the current head of the football team.

On social media, Giulinho appeared in pictures with his father and mother, Mara Casares, in the boxes of the Cicero Pompeo de Toledo stadium, to watch Tricolor matches.