May 28, 2023

Who is leaving BBB 23 tomorrow? The discrepancy in the poll indicates a general skepticism about television news

BBB 23’s fifteenth wall left the audience in doubt as to who should be eliminated this time around. Bruna Griffaue and Sarah Allen are the focus of the vote and are more likely to leave the competition on Sunday (16). Allen Werley supports in the current dispute.

in search of the newswhich has more than 114,000 votes as of publication, the psychologist leads the way with 48.12%. The former Malhação appears shortly after, with 46.28% of the crowd’s choice. While the singer in the lamp only 5.60%.

The result is different in the UOL survey. The actress has a disapproval rate of 72.05% among more than 48,000 voters. Sarah collects 24.24%, and the former Rogue has only a 3.71% chance of being eliminated.

The final four walls were favorable to the group that formed in the fourth desert, with the eliminations of Gabriel Santana, Marvela, Fred Nicasio and Cesar Black.

The elimination time will be announced on the Sunday program (16). The besieged would then compete in the Commander’s Trial, and a new Berlinda would be formed.

The survey has now been updated

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The polls are not scientific in nature, they only depict a trend on the part of Big Brother Brasil viewers. The official result of the 15th wall is obtained by voting on Gshow and will be known after Tadeo Schmidt’s speech on the Sunday edition.

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