July 25, 2024

Who is Paulinha Abelha, the coma forró singer who’s moving the music world – Entertainment

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Cantora de forró apresentou piora clínica nas últimas 12 horas
Cantora de forró apresentou piora clínica nas últimas 12 horas

The hospitalization of Paulinha Abelha, of the band Calcinha Preta, caused an uproar among fans and the forró singer. 43 American artist it is in coma and urinary tract infection (Intensive Care Unit) of a private hospital in Aracaju, Sergipe.

Paula de Menezes Nascimento Leça Viana, better known as Paulinha Abelha, joined the band in 1998. At the time, she joined the group on the recommendation of singer Daniel Diau – who had just been hired.

The artist was born in Simao Dias, within the municipality of Sergipe with a population of just over 40,000 inhabitants. His career in music began when he was just 12 years old in electric trios around the area. In addition to this, she also joined the bands of Panela de Barro and Fleur de Mille.

With Calcinha Preta, one of the most successful forró bands in Brazilian music, she has recorded songs like Baby doll, trap, open my heart e madly in love with you.


Paulinha Ebelha from the band Calcinha Preta My bed has been worse in the last 12 hours He is in a coma in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a private hospital in Aracaju. Sergipe. Information confirmed by official speechIn the early hours of Thursday afternoon (17) released by the artist’s team.

The memo reads, “The Hospital Unimed Sergipe has reported that patient Paula de Menezes Nascimento Lica Viana has progressed with clinical deterioration in the last 12 hours and is in a coma. For transfusion at the present time.”

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