November 30, 2023
Who is the Brazilian who earned Rls 9,000 from a plot of land in the Metaverse area?

Who is the Brazilian who earned Rls 9,000 from a plot of land in the Metaverse area?

When did the adventure start? In the game Uplandwhere the fun depends on the sale of land in metaversegame programmer and influencer Lucas Museda, 35, of Vicosa, Minas Gerais, encountered an endless virtual world full of possibilities – including financial.

The joke, which started about a year and a half ago, became a serious matter after he made almost 9 thousand RRL from the sale of land located exclusively in the digital environment. It was an airport in Los Angeles, bought for $1,800 (R$9,540 in direct transfer and no tax) and passed on for twice the price.

The transaction takes place in UPX, the in-game currency (1000 UPX is equivalent to 1 USD, or about 5.30 Brazilian Real). Virtual money can be converted into real money through PayPal, which is a very popular payment system in the United States. In other words, it is theoretically possible to get rich with this type of real estate speculation.

“Patience is the key word to becoming a good player. The game has a lot of information, a lot of possibilities,” Lucas highlights.

Want to try your luck (or skill) too? Next, Luas tells us his main strategies.

In Upland, the player can buy and sell real estate - clone - clone

In Upland, the player can buy and sell real estate

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How did you meet Upland? How long have you been playing?

Mosin: I got to know Upland through an ad in the Brave browser. I really loved SimCity-style games, The Sims, which theoretically have no end. You will keep playing and playing. I’ve already been involved in some crypto games, understood the metaverse, NFT, and seen Upland that mixed it all up. I thought it was great and I entered this new journey.

How did you manage to sell your land? How much did he earn?

I managed to stand in line to buy an airport in Los Angeles. This type of terrain is highly desirable. At the time, I paid $1800. Since there are very few people who can buy, many people follow their desire to buy. I ended up selling it for $3600, which is about R$18,000. It was a move I had with a bit of luck.

Do you play more for fun or money?

Since Upland is a long term game, I joined more for fun and play little by little without intending to withdraw money right away. At first, I still sold more in dollars, and then I decided to grow more in the game itself. I started reselling everything in game currency to grow and then thinking about some money income in dollars.

On my YouTube, everything is free. On Instagram, everything is free. I have never used this center to get any kind of advantage in both in-game currency and cash. I’ve always really tried for the community and the fun side.

And why do you think he was named the best player in the world at Upland?

Because Brazilian society is very strong and very united. It was an open vote, you can name whoever you want. that they [os organizadores do prêmio] They would have collected the three most voted, who would go to Las Vegas. There, the first place will be revealed.

Since I already made several videos and posts on Instagram to teach people how to play, the support was automatic. The fans started voting for me because I had contributed to their growth within the game. There was a lot of voting. I got first place, went to Las Vegas, and got the award there.

Therefore, the best player in the world was chosen not necessarily for the amount of money he collected in the game, but for what he contributed to the growth of Upland in some way.

How to become a good player to sell land?

The key word for becoming a good player is “patience”. You have to learn little by little, because the game has a lot of information, and a lot to do. You don’t have to do them all, but there are many possibilities. Over time, you will understand your way of playing. There are many internal and external factors that shape your style.

Over time, you get used to it, understand and form your own strategy, your own philosophy. What types of land do you prefer to buy the most, and what types of land can you sell the most.

If, right from the start, you wanted everything to happen very quickly, and you wanted to understand the game at once, then you will surely give up in the end.

What are your expectations from Upland?

they are great. It is a game from a completely different world. Few people understand why things happen the way they do. It’s not a magic trick, it’s all very new: the metaverse, blockchain and NFT. Upland is a leader in this field and all of the pioneers are likely to do a very good job.

The game is already a hit, it’s really growing and it’s really a single economy. Now, they are open to third party development, so many new features will be created by the players themselves. It’s decentralized, it’s not a kind of economy that focuses entirely on the economic growth of the company that made the game. It’s another point of view. It’s another world and I expect the players who believe in it from the start will do well.