December 1, 2023
Who is the father of Thiago Levert mentioned in a letter from Ocaro Silva?

Who is the father of Thiago Levert mentioned in a letter from Ocaro Silva?

excerpt from An open letter from Ícaro Silva to Tiago Leifert Caught the audience’s attention: the part where he hints Tiago Leifert was a Globo hit for having ‘close in the right place’ and ‘correct last name’.

Many people did not understand: it is referring to Gilberto Levert, the father of the former presenter BBB Who was Globo’s Market Relations Manager between 1988 and 2018. The area is connected to the commercial segment, and deals with advertising.

And Gilberto Leverett wasn’t the only president at Globo: he was also CEO, and later president of Konar (National Advertising Self-Regulatory Council)between 1980 and 2018 – the year he retired. The agency is responsible for overseeing advertising ethics in Brazil.

Gilberto Levert left Kunar presidency after 20 years and stayed at Globo for nearly 30 years - Press release - Press release

Gilberto Levert has lived with his son in Globo for 12 years

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Thiago spoke about his father on “Mais Você” in September, right after announcing his departure from the network. He said he has been known on Globo since childhood:

“I was born and raised here. That’s my literal. Globo Sao Paulo didn’t exist, none of that was here when my dad came to work here. I would go to his room to play as little kids,” said Thiago Levert.

I worked in his room, met several people who later became CEOs, and played in their room. When I was hired by SporTV in 2006, the drivers who took us to the game took me to school several times, ate lunch at my house, and knew my dog. James Leverett

“So this here goes beyond just work, I met my wife here. My sister met her husband here too. Leaving here means leaving the house, really,” he added.

Thiago Levert track

Thiago Levert joined Rede Globo in 2006, and two years later, was promoted to Editor-in-Chief and Presenter of Globo Esporte de São Paulo – He was responsible for renewing the network’s sports coverage. In 2012, he left sports and moved to entertainment, where he presented “brazilian sound“.

In 2015, Thiago moved to “É de Casa”, and the following year he headed “The Voice Kids Brasil”. In 2017, he took over the leadership of “Big Brother Brazil”.

in this year, When he was about to inform his father of the decision to leave Globo, was called in to replace Faustão so that Luciano Huck could take charge of “Domingão”. In September, the network administrator left.