November 30, 2023
Vitor Silva, brasileiro na apresentação do iPhone 14 Pro

Who is Vitor Silva, the Brazilian who introduced the iPhone 14 Pro

who was connected to Apple event today Waiting to see company news, surprised to see the name on the screen very brazilian Victor Silva, followed by a gentle accent betrayed by the Brazilian. He appeared on the show afterwards 1 h 21 d To deal with iPhone 14 Pro cameras.

As proud Brazilians, we went looking for the young man’s profile and found out that Vitor is too iPhone Product Manager He works at Apple seven years ago there is chance Marketing products all over the world.

His academic life, according to Your LinkedIn profileincluding training in management before Getulio Vargas Foundation The MBA from MIT Sloan School of Managementin the United States of America.

In addition to Apple, Vitor has worked with many notable companies around the world, including Unilever (São Paulo), and Sony (UK), and spotify (New York, USA) and PayPal (San Francisco, USA). In other words, his baggage is great, and from what we can see on today’s show, he must have done a great job – not to mention the huge responsibility he had and he did it very well.

Anyway, nothing is better for Brazilian tech enthusiasts than celebrating our independence by seeing a file Brazuca Stand out at Apple’s most important event. O proud! 😊🇧🇷