February 6, 2023

Who kidnapped the challenge world? It’s not worth looking at the answer, it’s worth it!

To train and challenge your ability to think, we separate a Mind puzzle This will really spoil your head. Your task is very simple: analyze the picture and find out the name of the person who kidnapped the scientist in charge of the laboratory.

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There is only one clue to discover the answer to the puzzle of the mind. There is a note on the table with the names of some chemical elements and contains the answer you are looking for.

Solve the puzzle in just 9 seconds

Image source: Brightside

In addition to your task, you must comply with a rule to complete mystery mind the right way. You should find the answer in just 9 seconds. Even if at first glance this seems impossible, know that many people have already managed to complete the test.

However, if you don’t have much practice with such challenges, try to solve this in just 9 seconds, but if you can’t, don’t give up. It is possible to find the answer quickly, but you can take a little longer.

Solve the puzzle below. So don’t worry, you will know the name of the world kidnapper and won’t leave your language unanswered to clear your mind.

Answer the puzzle of the brain that hijacks the world

So, did you manage to decipher it Mind puzzle And I found out the name of the person who kidnapped the world. The note can only be solved by someone who also knows chemistry. After all, it would be necessary to understand the abbreviation representing each of the chemical elements written on the paper.

Cobalt: Co;

lithium: Li;

nitrogen: n.

If you add all the abbreviations together, you will see that they form the name “Colin”. This is the name of the hijacker you were looking for until now.

Share the test with your colleagues and family and see if anyone can go faster than you.