September 26, 2023
Who lives with wind chills above 51 degrees Celsius or 70-day heat waves?  This Could Be America's Reality 30 Years Later - News

Who lives with wind chills above 51 degrees Celsius or 70-day heat waves? This Could Be America’s Reality 30 Years Later – News

The region, home to more than 100 million Americans and covering a quarter of the country, is projected to experience at least one day of extreme heat per year by 2053, with wind chills above 51°C. Reportof a non-profit organization.

Currently, this situation already exists in about 50 North American counties with a population of 8 million. But within three decades, more than a thousand counties in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and southern Wisconsin would be affected by extreme heat.

The U.S. Midwest, according to the results of the model developed that led to the report, will be particularly vulnerable due to its distance from the ocean, although extreme heat will reach the East Coast and southern regions. California, according to the document.

Remember that heat is the deadliest weather event in the U.S., surpassing floods and hurricanes.

The First Street Foundation based its projections on a moderate scenario from the UN Climate Experts (IPCC), in which greenhouse gas emissions peak in the 2040s before declining.

The report says heat will increase across the country, with higher temperatures in some places. On average, today’s seven warmest days are expected to change to 18 warmest days by 2053.

The largest change in temperature is expected in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Heatwaves also last longer without interrupting extremely hot days.

In 30 years, large parts of Texas and Florida could experience temperatures of more than 70 consecutive days at 38 degrees Celsius.

“We must prepare for the inevitable,” warned Matthew Eby, founder of the First Street Foundation. “The consequences will be dire.”