July 23, 2024

Who lost his wife, two daughters and a son in a fire in the United States

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Who lost his wife, two daughters and a son in a fire in the United States
Who lost his wife, two daughters and a son in a fire in the United States
Familia de Tramme (Photo: Personal Archive)

Last Sunday morning (09/1) 17 people were killed in a fire that broke out in the Bronx in New York. The crash happened around 11am (1pm Brasilia time). One case that caught my attention was Isaac Drome, who lost three children and his wife. Their son, Muhammad Tramme, was 12 years old.

Ishaq’s wife, Fatumata, 50, and their two daughters, Fatumala, 21, and Numaisha, 19, were also burned to death. He says the victims were in an apartment on the 15th floor Twin Parks Northwest, As the fire spread.

Police Officer
Drome lost his 3 children and wife (Photo: Robert Miller / NY Post)

“One day they will be gone and you will never see them again,” he told the newspaper. Post. “My kids were amazing,” he added.

Tramme, from Gambia, was working in Ohio during the fire and says he is still waiting for the bodies of his family members. “Detectives sent me a confirmation number to say they were all dead, but I could not confirm because I had not yet seen the bodies,” he said. “They send us pictures, but I haven’t seen them yet.”

Ishaq Drome who lost his family in the fire (Photo: Robert Miller / NY Post)

Without eating for several days, Ishaq was studying his final year of economics at the Fatumala Buffalo University with his daughter, working at the hospital until Nyumaisha started college, and Muhammad was at school.

Tramme visited the Masjid Ar-Rahama Mosque, a part of the lives of 16 of the 19 dead. “Truth be told, I know we are all from Allah and we will all return to Him,” he added.

Imam Musa Kabba arranges for the funeral of the victims to be buried in the United States while attending the mosque.

We lost 16 people from this center, including parents, mothers and children, “he said.” We got used to praying together. We lost our people and our family. Now we have only tragedy.

Isaac Drome plans to bury his family in the United States where his three children were born.

Other victims

Dijan Jane is another grieving father. He lost his daughter, 27-year-old Cere Janne. “My daughter is very nice, hard working and respectful,” she said when she returned to the apartment to collect personal belongings.

He, who lives on the 6th floor, said there was a lot of smoke when the fire broke out and he told his daughter to leave, just like everyone else who came out of the building. “There was a lot of black smoke, we could not see anything, so we broke up,” he said. “After that, I heard the news that my daughter was gone.”

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