November 28, 2022
Who will be able to use some kind of 5G?  See compatible mobile phones |  technology

Who will be able to use some kind of 5G? See compatible mobile phones | technology

with activation 5G main band In Sao Paulo, this Thursday (4), users from five capitals in Brazil can experience the new generation of mobile Internet. but that Depends on having a device compatible with at least one type of connection: “autonomous” (SA) or “non-independent” (NSA), the most common.

In addition to, Some operators have their own requirements, such as changing a segment or planAnd the Some smartphones need to receive updates from manufacturers.

a g 1 The National Telecommunications Agency has detailed a list of about 70 cell phones (Anatel) are considered certified for 5G: see below which ones are compatible with which type of connection.

The above list is not only mobile phones compatible with DSSwhich some operators have declared as “5G” since 2020, but uses only 4G architecture.

Understand what changes with 5G – Photo: Kayan Albertin / g1

Need to change your SIM or plan?

So far, only Vivo has informed that it will also be necessary to change the SIM Only to access the “Standalone” (SA) 5G network, so you have devices compatible with this connection. The chip model is already on sale, but the operator has not reported the price.

To access the “Non-Standalone” (NSA) 5G network, all operators inform that the chip with 4G is sufficient.

In terms of plans, Vivo and Claro say they won’t charge for 5G more. The TIM has informed that it will have a specific planBut she did not give details.

iPhone is based on the new iOS

iPhone 13, 12, and SE (3rd generation)Although they have a 5G architecture and are certified by Anatel, they will only accept 5G SA when the new version of the company’s operating system is released. An apple, iOS. This is due in November.

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