Who will play where next season ?

Michel Tassé
The Voice of the East

Qui jouera où la saison prochaine ?

CHRONIC / on one side, the excellent season of Inouk. On the other, the season disappointing Maroons. But beyond conversations on the performance of the two teams, a question comes up very often in our arenas this winter : who will play where next season ?

Who will play where ? Or be very clear : the Maroons will evolve-they are still in Waterloo ? And Inouk continue to Granby if they are forced to “share” the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin with another team major ? And finally, the League of north american hockey, will she be able to Granby ?

The Maroons, as we all know, want to improve their conditions at the arena Jacques-Chagnon. Negotiations with the municipal authorities are difficult, or very difficult. At a time when we are talking, this is the game of offer and counter-offer. But it does not advance and the owners of the Maroons, Christian Roy in the head, impatient.

The Maroons want to, by and large, this is 100% of the revenues of the concession food and bar at night when they are in action. Currently, they share the profits with the municipality on the bar (not the restaurant), which is not enough to their taste. “In the end, we just want the earnings that it generates,” says a member of the organization.

The people of the Maroons prepare a new offer that they would put to the City soon. Because in the end, they know that Waterloo is the best place to do senior hockey in the region (and further) and they want to stay there.

But the organization still keeps all the doors open for the next season. Including, of course, a move elsewhere in the corner. And Granby, as the municipal authorities have already said that the Inouk no longer have exclusivity in 2019-2020, is indeed an option.

Ex-co-owner of the Maroons, Daniel Roy, who has severed links with the new decision makers of the team, would hate for him to endow the arena Jacques-Chagnon a team of the senior League Richelieu. This would allow the City of Waterloo to save face if ever the training of the senior League AAA decided to remove the felts.

Qui jouera où la saison prochaine ?

The Inouk continue their adventure in Granby if they are forced to “share” the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin with another team major ?


The LNAH always dream to Granby

Co-owner of the Maroons and operator of the concession food at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin, Christian Roy is often talk of the League north american fans they intersect. Roy, as we know, was involved in the project to bring a team to Granby last spring. But since then, it has lost its main partner in the adventure, or Norman Flynn, the sports Network, which complicates things.

But the people in the LNAH continue to dream in Granby. To the point where, according to sources normally well informed, they work themselves to put together a group of investors who are willing to bring a team with us. Will have to see.

The success of the Petroleum of the North, who share the arena régional de la Rivière-du-Nord with the Panthers of Saint-Jérôme of the junior League AAA, gives a boost to the circuit. The Oil attracts rarely less than 1000 spectators, while the Panthers have kept their 300 or 400 spectators, the crowds that can be found almost everywhere in the LHJAAAQ.

The mobs in question are in addition to those found in the games of Inouk. Last weekend, it took two meetings to attract a large 770 spectators. Given the quality of the team granbyenne this season, it is totally incomprehensible. Rarely (or never) has there been too few people in the parts of the training junior AAA local.

The Granbyens, in my opinion, have nothing against the Inouk. But maybe had they done the tour of the junior AAA, a league too often dominated by the same teams and lack of big names to draw fans. Maybe. If you have another theory to explain the lack of interest in training, please write to me.

And rest the question : Inouk would they share the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin if ever another team majeure, either the Maroons or the formation of the LNAH, was discovered there ? The spring of last year, while rumors regarding the arrival of the LNAH in Granby was very good, the president Marco Bernard had proclaimed that ” no hockey team major will install itself at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin as we will be there “. That, however, this was before the municipal authorities assert that the training would lose its exclusivity at the end of this season.

As for the rest, Bernard seems to still have fun with the Inouk despite attendance figures were disappointing. Unless we impose to the team a “roommate” for the next season, the Inouk will be back.

Who will play where next season ? The question arises. And I don’t have a crystal ball to find the answer. One thing is for certain, the possibilities are many. And it clearly has not finished talking.

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