May 28, 2023

Who’s on BBB 23? The poll results indicate Marvella’s exit from the reality show

Marvella must be 12 elimination to BBB 23according to the survey results Diario do Nordest. On this wall, the audience had to vote for who remained in the game. Thus, with the reverse voting dynamics, the one with the least vote ends up leaving the confinement.

The official reveal will be shown on the live program on Tuesday night (4).

in a survey Diario do NordestMarvella appeared with 7,031 votes (19.1%). And Dumitilla was the second least voted, with 9.7 thousand votes (26.3%).

Larissa and Amanda emerge as the most voted, receiving respectively 10,244 (27.8%) and 9,926 votes (26.9%).

wall formation

during voting time, Angels From the week, Larissa and Amanda, I awarded them the Immunity Necklace Bruna Grippo. “The person we are going to protect is Bruna, our ally and friend,” explained Larisa.

a substitution force The week Sarah Allen bought her, immunity was guaranteed. “Really, Tadeo? That’s great! Thank you! It was for Sarah Allen, I’m here,” the sister replied, smiling.

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The Big Brother Brasil 23 final will take place on April 25th

The main candidate, always through the persona of a mentor, was Miss Germany Domitilla. “I always found her game questionable, she was always saying too much, but somewhere, she didn’t do anything of what she said. Besides, I heard Larry phrases that I considered problematic. That reaffirmed even more what I was feeling,” Allen said. .

a vote happened in confession. Each brother was entitled to two nominations. It was the most voted Amanda that it Larisaboth with five voices.

Upon completion of the formation, the brick was entitled to lightning immunity. Larisa was vaccinated RicardoAmanda is already immune Fred Nicasiolike him, Marvella that it Cesar It was placed on the hot seat.

results breakwater It will be announced on the live show on Tuesday.