March 26, 2023

Why are there so many apple products?

Every year Apple releases updated iPhone and iPad models as well as other products. We also cannot forget the classic iPod, which was very successful among music and audio lovers all over the world. Based on all these names, it is common for us to wonder why there is an “I” in the brand’s products?

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The letter “i” from Apple: Understand what this letter means

At this point we have to remember that the first device to have the letter “i” as a kind of prefix in its name was the iMac, in 1998. At that time, the meaning of the letter was due exclusively to representing the word “Internet”. It was the first device from the manufacturer to allow wired connectivity so users could use the World Wide Web.

However, Steve Jobs wanted to give Apple’s “i” a more significant edge to his brand. This simple message will be able to signal to the market the products your company sells.

Therefore, other devices also acquired the same initial name: such as the 2001 iPod, the 2007 iPhone, and the 2010 iPhone. The entire computer catalog is named “iDevices”.

Left “I” with Jobs

After the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, Apple began dropping the traditional “i” in front of every product name. Thus, the brand began to adopt its own name to name its creations, such as the Apple Watch for example.

Apple mobile phone and tablet names have already been distinguished for several generations and should not lose the first letter “i”. However, it is possible to expect changes in the company’s future devices, as they have already happened in their launches.

There is no official explanation for the letter ending in product names, but it is believed that it is just a marketing ploy used by the current Apple management.