February 25, 2024
Why didn't Globo renew her contract with Arthur Aguiar after BBB 22?  · the news

Why didn’t Globo renew her contract with Arthur Aguiar after BBB 22? · the news

BBB 22 winner, Arthur Agyar His contract with Globo was not renewed. The bond expired on April 30, and neither side had any interest in a new deal. At first, the network really wanted the actor to be in their team and was thinking about him Star in a TV seriesBut the terrible repercussions of his victory and the demands of the artist made the company back down. Meanwhile, Arthur I decided to invest in music Illuminating the renewal.

The misunderstanding between Globo and Arthur Aguiar began as soon as the actor and singer emerged victorious from reality. Some demands from him and his wife, Myra Cardi, caused the first annoyance between the two parties. The couple wanted to have more authority in editing the content of the documentary to be produced about the artist and what would be shown. Everything does not tarnish the image of the actor, who entered BBB 22 canceled and ended up with 1.5 million Brazilian reals in his pocket.

The production of the documentary was already in full swing when the station management realized that it did not have enough history or allure for such an investment. In short: the headache is not worth it. this is the reason, The project was canceled with the winner of this edition.

documentary It has not been officially confirmed or announced by Globoplay, but a file The work was already in progress. Two teams were directed to accompany the actor and people close to him. One has been recording with the family and friends of the reality hero, while the other has been on Aguiar’s tail since leaving BBB 22.

Maíra Cardi even rented a house in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, to receive his mother, stepfather, businessman, friends, social media officials and some important people from the fan club on the day of the final match, as well as for the Globoplay team.

With the cancellation of the documentary, the non-renewal of the contract took a leap. Despite the win, Arthur hasn’t been able to become a respected person in the art world and doesn’t seem to put much effort into revamping with Globo.

Deciding to invest in music and making sure that he did not need this exclusive link with the station to benefit from his career, the artist made no effort to ensure this renewal. Thus, the agreement ended up being the best of all.

When contacted, Globo Communications has not commented on the termination of the contract with Arthur Aguiar until the completion of this text.

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