September 29, 2023
Why do people cheat?  Science lists 5 of the main causes

Why do people cheat? Science lists 5 of the main causes

when talking about love relationshipsthere is no shortage Marital infidelity cases Also, did you notice? Jumping over a fence, even if it’s something socially reprehensible, is also a behavior very popularIt is common that science is gone after Basic causes of betrayals.

Location IFL Science Recently released results of a Search To find the reasons behind Marital infidelity cases. Check out the most common reasons that cooperate with infidelity in monogamous relationships:

Cognitive dissonance

This is the name given to psychological tool Almost all people use it, when the intent is to do something, deep down, this is not truesuch as buying clothes from brands that use labor similar to slavery.

in relationships, people who cheat find ways reduce positionEven though she is wrong.

Fear of conflict

Scientists have also found that unfaithful people tend to Fear of facing conflict. Sometimes a person knows that a file The relationship endedbut would rather jump the barrier than face the dilemma of proposing termination.

shock history

People who have been abused and have strong shocks It usually does not open easily. If they feel that the relationship is going well, they resort to the so-called avoid attachmenta kind of to flee.

Have you ever met someone who seems to do everything (including cheating), despite their great relationship ruin dating, truly? Perhaps this person has an avoidance relationship style.

Reasons why people cheat
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mentally retarded?

People with psychopathic personality They cheat constantly and without any remorse. Although it is rare to find truly psychopathic individuals, who do not feel empathy and act only according to their own needs, it is very common, when we talk about psychopaths, that betrayal comes first. same package.

increase stimuli

With the Internet, find Adult content It just got a lot easier. Only some people addicted in these contents and ends up searching Online partners And who are willing to realize their fantasies.