July 21, 2024

Why Inter’s Stock Dropped 30% in Four Days (And What It’s Doing Now) – Money Times

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Why Inter's Stock Dropped 30% in Four Days (And What It's Doing Now) - Money Times
Why Inter's Stock Dropped 30% in Four Days (And What It's Doing Now) - Money Times
Inter: Action continues to ride in 2022 (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who thought 2022 would be different, they made a huge mistake: papers Inter (binary 11) continue to be beaten in the stock exchange.

Since Monday (3), when it reached R$30, the stock is down 29.5%. What explains such a sharp decline in such a short period of time?

According to analysts I interviewed, Money Times, Factors impacting the fall of the role. In last Wednesday’s session, Inter shares were auctioned after a potential margin call by Ponta Sul Fund, which owns about 12% of the digital bank.

The market estimate at the end of the auction was that about R$830 million had been transferred with part of the share sold.

Freefall: transforms the traverse into a rocket (inverted)

Information from the Mais Retorno portal reveals that the director of Ponta Sul, Flávio Calp Gondim, better known as Monstro do Leblon, lost R$8.9 billion as the shares fell.

Other news came later in the afternoon, With the aggressive tone of the minutes Act Federal Reserve By keeping interest rates high at United States of America The end of economic stimulus.

Analyst Yisrael Cabral of Inside Research explains that “the draft indicates that a cycle of higher interest rates in the US should be anticipated, directly affecting growth companies, such as Inter.”

What are you doing now?

With interest rates likely to rise in the US and here in Brazil, the stock will continue to ride a roller coaster for the next few months, says analyst Victor Martins, of brokerage scheme.

However, he remembers that the bank is publishing its fourth-quarter operating preview on January 11, before the market opens, which could spur a technical recovery after the strong performance.

From Israel’s point of view, from Inside’s point of view, caution should be exercised with the role, as the short-term scenario tends to be one of higher interest rates.

He continued, “While there is no predictability of the interest rate curve in the international scenario, the market must experience high volatility, which mainly affects growth companies, such as Inter.”

cheap work?

for variable income head vitreous body, Marcel Andrade, even as stocks drop, there are cheaper stocks, like Actual BTG (BPAC11) it’s the Bradesco (BBDC4). “BIDI even at this price has high multiples,” he continues.

me and Nice It highlights that, for the time being, Inter are still over-discounted when compared to nubank (Not).

“Nubank has a multiplier rate per active customer of R$6.7k (versus R$2.5k for Inter). He adds that where there is smoke, there is fire, we will continue to follow the next chapters to understand the reason for such a high reduction.”

Inter shares closed slightly higher on Thursday’s session at R$23.15. In the second half of 2021, units fell 63.2% compared to a 17.3% decline in Ibovespa.

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