September 25, 2022
Why is a liter of milk more expensive than gasoline?

Why is a liter of milk more expensive than gasoline?

Brazilian consumers pay more in liter of milk long life of no gasoline. The average price of fuel was R$5.40 last week, according to data from the National Oil Agency (ANP). Food costs, on average, 6.79 BRL per liter.

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Accumulated milk reaches 72% in twelve months, despite the decrease recorded in recent days. The drink gained 79.79% between January and August of this year, while gasoline fell 14.91%, according to the IPCA (wide consumer price index).

What are the reasons for the increase?

Specialists point out that the rise is the result of a series of internal and external factors, such as the off-season and the exchange rate, which raise the prices of food, feed and fertilizers. Another reason is the increase in dieselThe fuel used to transport the products.

Adding to these reasons, milk production has become 62% more expensive in recent months. Faced with the new scenario, many producers migrated to other regions, reducing milk supply by about 9% in the first half.

The drink became 100% more expensive in 2012 only, data from Dieese (Inter-Confederation Department of Statistics and Social and Economic Studies) shows. Ten years ago, consumers could buy 20 liters for 50 R$, but today they can buy only 9 liters for the same price.

On the other hand, fuel is cheaper after the ICMS cut and federal tax cuts. In addition, there was a decrease in the price of a barrel petroleum.

Dairy products

An increase in the price of milk affects not only the food itself, but all its derivatives. In the past 12 months, all products have increased by more than 9.75%. See the list:

  • Cottage cheese: high 16.37%;
  • Yogurt: 12.65% increase;
  • UHT milk: 12.1% increase;
  • Prato cheese: 12.17% increase
  • Dairy drinks: 9.96% increase;
  • Mozzarella cheese: 9.75% increase.