February 6, 2023

Why is Hapvida (HAPV3) down 11% this Monday (9)? – Money Times

Hapvida’s performance is separate from events in Brazil and globally and more connected to the banks’ vision (Photo: Facebook/Hapvida)

shares havida (HAPV3) fell by 11.02% on Monday (9), which led to the fall of Ibovespa, which rose in In line with the performance of foreign markets after opening negotiations low As a result of anti-democratic actions in Brasilia the day before (8).

But perform havida It is separate from events in Brazil and globally and more related to the banks’ view of the risks to which the company is exposed.

the Bradesco BBI It lowered the buy recommendation on the company’s shares to “neutral”, with a new price target 6.50 Brazilian reals

According to analysts, the change in perspective havida Occurs due to the weak dynamics of the results, and largerRisks related to margin recovery f evaluation extend over the short term.

the JPMorgan He gave the same diagnosis to the company’s stock, and lowered the Buy recommendation to Neutral last Friday (6).

Bank specialists estimate that the next 24 to 30 months should be more challenging than the market expects for havida.

Meanwhile, the company faces potential noise risks from the merger Notre Dame Intermedica Which is likely to accelerate and manage its rotation, ”the experts explain.

JPMorgan cut its price target havida to R$5.50, compared to R$9.50 previously.

In addition, Dynamo, whose main fund has generated returns of 21% per annum over the past 26 years, said it had decided to exit the investment. havidawith part of the position replaced by Red DoorAccording to a copy of a letter to shareholders for the fourth quarter obtained by Bloomberg.

In a letter sent last Friday, the fund said that Dinamo, one of the oldest managers in Brazil, believes a business combination with Intermedica – announced in 2021 – could be beneficial for HapVida.

But dysfunction in the management of integration associated with exacerbation economics of commercial activity with simultaneous increased competition and loss ratio quickly thwarted our expectations.”

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