February 5, 2023

Why is killing flies so hard? Scientists explain

How many times have you tried to kill a He flies and failed? agility of those insects It’s amazing, but until then, scientists did not have very clear evidence that could justify the speed of these nasty insects.

The speed of seeing flies is the reason they fly so fast and manage to escape from their tormentors so quickly.

Researchers at the University of Galway in Ireland discovered that puffer flies are able to pick up movements with a frequency of 300 Hertz (Hz), which allows time periods to be measured in radiations and rotations. Through it, the scientists were able to show some of the agility of these insects when it comes to seeing movements and predicting their trajectory.

Among vertebrates like us, birds have the highest rate of the black flycatcher (and the name justifies the ability), which sees at 146 Hz. Humans, for example, see at 65 Hz, that is, they are much slower than the most agile vertebrates and the flies themselves. Dogs, for example, can see at 75 Hz.

The measurement was obtained with an ophthalmological examination called an electroencephalogram, which is able to measure the eye movement speed of many animals.

“Having a quick look helps the species to perceive changes in the environment more quickly. This detailed visualization is very useful if you are moving quickly or need to determine the path of moving prey,” Kevin Healy, of the University of Galway, explains in a statement.

Now, the next time you embarrass yourself for trying to kill a He flies, you can take comfort in thinking they see 300 Hz. Or you can also purchase a good insecticidal spray which will probably be more effective when it comes to getting rid of insects in your home.

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