March 30, 2023
Why is swimming considered the 'fountain of youth' for the brain?

Why is swimming considered the ‘fountain of youth’ for the brain?

the work major body muscles In a comprehensive way, without the weight found in weight training, it tends to be a much more enjoyable activity. Swimming in the pool or garden or taking lessons leads to benefits such as improving the cardiovascular system. In this case, the mood increases during the routine, promotes well-being and a lot of energy.

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In addition to the muscular system, water resistance during movements leads to aerobic exertion. This helps burn calories and release hormones responsible for satisfaction and happiness, such as endorphins. In this case, it ends up preventing and helping to treat depression and other mental problems associated with anxiety and excessive sadness. In this case, there are other benefits that accompany initiative, organized sleep, and an altered posture.

Nothing stimulates both areas of the brain and is an excellent exercise for all ages.

From children to adults, everyone benefits from swimming and engaging in activities that come into contact with the water. It is possible to relax and connect with yourself, unlike other methods that induce some tension. Focus and concentration are two stimulating skills, as the body’s reaction to swimming is observed in the interaction between the two sides of the brain.

The area of ​​the brain responsible for creativity and extraversion can interact with the most rational part. This promotes the continuous work of thinking, and prevents the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and memory erosion. It is important to remember that the practice should also relate to other healthy habits, prioritizing the abilities of each one, even as a therapeutic practice.