February 6, 2023
Why is the stock up 10% this Thursday?  - Money Times

Why is the stock up 10% this Thursday? – Money Times

Luiza Magazine soared after Goldman Sachs maintained its buy recommendation for the asset (Image: Luiza Magazine/Facebook)

Actions luisa magazine (MGLU3) was one Ibovespa’s biggest ascent This Thursday (24). Shares jumped 10% to R$ 6.60.

by Felipe Fradino from vitreousthe height came after Goldman Sachs report released eve. the bank Keep the buy recommendation The company has a target price of R$8.60.

“The company has also launched an initiative called Shop Together, where two people go shopping together and each gets a discount on the purchased product,” says the analyst.

For him, even with the good news, it’s not a good idea to get into a Magazine Luiza event now, since the news doesn’t get the market excited in the medium term.

“A correction can also be expected at the high of the day, given the trend of the asset is down,” says Fradino.

Luisa magazine jealous of Lukaup’s investor

On the other hand, the business Lookup (LWSA3) has the Biggest drop for ibovespa This Thursday. The company’s assets decreased by 6.95% to R$9.64.

For the specialist at Vitreo, the drop occurred after Locaweb published the result the day before. The company recorded a loss of R$ 7.2 million, compared to a profit of R$ 9 million in the same period in 2020.

On investing in Locaweb, the analyst states that the paper is also in a downtrend, and therefore will not enter the asset.

a Ibovespa (IBOV) closed up 1.36% at 119 thousand points.

Watch today’s biggest hikes:

company tape disparity
Inter binary 11 + 10.12%
luisa magazine MGLU3 + 10.00%
Melius cash 3 + 9.05%
CCR CCRO3 + 7.48%
positive 3 . point of sale + 6.97%

Watch today’s biggest drops:

company tape disparity
Lookup LWSA3 −7.05%
havid HAPV3 −5.09%
peterio 3 . ago −4.50%
Bradsbar BRAP4 −2.12%
pizza Bitez 3 −1.00%

See the most traded stocks of the day:

company tape disparity
Yes VALE3 + 0.54%
Petrobras PETR4 + 1.15%
Itau ITUB4 + 0.66%
luisa magazine MGLU3 + 10.00%
havid HAPV3 −5.09%