March 22, 2023
Why weren't the Vikings what we imagined?

Why weren’t the Vikings what we imagined?

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Vikings’ genes reveal that they don’t look like the most common images we have in popular culture

Popular culture often depicts Vikings as fierce, blond, blue-eyed warriors who sailed across the sea plundering coastal dwellers. But new scientific studies have disproved this myth.

An international group of evolutionary geneticists has been able to analyze the genetic origin of these famous Germanic warriors and come to surprising conclusions about their racial diversity.

“It all started when we were able to sequence the first ancient human genome,” Danish evolutionary geneticist Eske Willerslev, a professor at the University of Cambridge, UK, and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, told the BBC.

“This has provided us with a huge amount of information from individuals that we can use to infer a human’s past,” he said.