Widow Rolana Bykova very frankly told about the death of relatives

The widow of film Director Rolan Bykov actress Elena Sanaeva called 1995-1998 terrible period of his life. Fate took her the closest people in the world.

Вдова Ролана Быкова предельно откровенно рассказала о смерти родственников

Widow very frankly told how he almost broke down from, which seemed at the time endless series of deaths of relatives. It all began in 1995, when they stopped the heart beat of the mother Elena Sanaevoj. Ten months after this family tragedy, the father of the actress also went to the other world. Doctors diagnosed him with cancer, weakened body refused to fight the disease after the loss of the woman he loved. In 1998 a series of failures ended in the death of Rolan Bykov. He died at the age of 68 years. Doctors diagnosed Director cancer.

Elena Sanayeva met Rolan Bykov, being divorced and with a child in her arms. Friends tried to dissuade the actress from this marriage. Rolan Bykov was known as a womanizer. Everyone thought that he will ruin a woman’s life. In fact, friends of the star couple made a mistake. Rolan Bykov lived with Elena Sanaevoj 25 years. Although his previous wife predicted suffering for the new sweetheart of the Director. Sanaeva and can’t quite believe that Rolan Bykov is no more.


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