March 25, 2023

will die? Guerra relapses, is taken to the hospital in great pain, and receives the worst news about his health.

Will the war die? (Photo: Clone/Globo)

War (Humberto Martins) He will see his health go from bad to worse and will be between life and death in the following chapters of Transit. Despite surviving the explosion and apparently doing well, the businessman will relapse and need to be rushed to the hospital. Later, after examining it, he would receive news that would make him desolate.

The recent seasons of the telenovela at 9pm on TV Globo have not been easy for Guerra. The businessman was very lucky that he was able to survive the attack he had with Cidália. He also had to undergo emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. Otherwise, I will die.

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While Guerra was confined to a hospital bed, Ari (Chay Suede) knew how to take advantage of the opportunity to outwit his father-in-law. With the help of the lawyer Prats, he transfers the shares of Chiara (Jade Picon) to his name, in addition to his power of attorney with the blank papers signed by the businessman who found him in a closed file, hidden in the wardrobe .. from the rich.

Despite his good recovery, Guerra would be hospitalized again in the following seasons of the TV series at exactly nine o’clock. This time, he will feel a lot of pain where the surgery was done and he will need to be rescued quickly so that nothing worse can happen.

New surgery

On arrival at the hospital, he will be quickly evaluated by doctors, who will order a battery of tests to determine the cause of the intense pain he will be feeling, and in this way, the diagnosis is closed.

After all the checks are done, Guerra will find out that his health is not good at all and that he will need to undergo a new emergency surgery in order not to die. 😰😰

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