October 2, 2022
Will I be able to get 2500 BRL in payroll loans from Auxílio Brasil?

Will I be able to get 2500 BRL in payroll loans from Auxílio Brasil?

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, banks will be responsible for determining the value of the salary loan from Auxílio Brasil

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Many recipients of Auxílio Brasil are waiting with great anticipation for its release credit assigned to the social programme. In addition, there is also the question of what value can be employed. Although some financial institutions are already doing pre-registration, there has been no actual issuance yet.

“The law was passed, the president passed it, after which the president signed a decree. The decree, the system for granting, licensing and homogenizing these companies and a series of documents as well. I think by the beginning of next month everything will be regulated,” said Ronaldo Pinto Vieira, Minister of Citizenship.

Organizing the Brazilian Aid Shipment

Payroll deductible loans are expected to be issued to Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries in September. In this way, the final organization of Auxílio Brasil will make it possible to achieve more Banks Disclose details on how to operate the method. So far, just like banks deprivation Safra provided details such as values ​​and interest rates – which exceed 70% annually.

However, although financial institutions are already pre-registering, vulnerable public advocates are recommending that interested parties wait until the regulation is finalized so that they can obtain lines at better rates.

Brazilian aid loan of R$2,500

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, banks will be responsible for setting the value of loan Posted by Brazilian Aid. Therefore, there is no fixed amount. However, some banks mimic an issue of around R$2000, while others lower the interest rate and approach R$2500.00.

In a note sent to Canal Consulta Pública, the Citizenship Ministry explained:

“The Ministry of Citizenship makes this clear, for loan Dedicated to the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil, the interest rates, payment terms, number of installments and grace period will be determined by the financial institutions registered to carry out the operation.”

It should be noted that according to Law No. 14,431 issued on Wednesday (3/8), the financing limit will be a maximum of 40% of the value of the permanent benefit. Supplementary or temporary benefits are not part of the loan application account.”

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