July 2, 2022
Will retirees and INSS retirees receive more in 2022?

Will retirees and INSS retirees receive more in 2022?

One of the big dilemmas for next year relates to the adjustment of the minimum wage, after all, inflation over the course of this year has been very high, which will directly affect the readjustment of the national minimum in 2022. However, how will the readjustment of benefits paid be before National Institute of Social Security (INSS) next year? This is what we will understand now!

Minimum wage adjustment

Next year’s minimum wage will be readjusted by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), an indicator used to calculate the progress of inflation in the country.

Thus, based on the latest released indicator, 2021 inflation is expected to close at a high level of 8.4%, that is, the minimum wage is calculated on the basis of high inflation, the national minimum should be subject to an adjustment of 8.4% as well. Next year.

From this forecast, we can base ourselves on next year’s minimum wage, which could jump from R$1,100 to R$1,192.40 next year.

It is important to remember that we are talking about the national consumer price index forecast, which will be closed at the end of the year, and the exact amount of the minimum wage adjustment will be calculated and disclosed.

INSS . Benefits

According to the forecasts of the INPC, we can understand how the benefits will be in the coming year. This is because, in the first place, all INSS policyholders who currently receive R$1,100, the 2021 minimum wage, will receive a salary of R$ 2022, that is, with the forecast, policyholders can receive R$1,192. 40 in 2022.

In the case of policyholders who get a benefit worth more than the minimum wage, even if it is a few riyals, the adjustment for the benefit will be based on the accumulated INPC, i.e. just take the amount of the benefit for the year and multiply it by the INPC, which is currently expected to be 8.4 %. For example, an interest of R$1,600, a readjustment of 8.4% would yield a value of R$1,734.40.

Will policyholders get more?

Being too direct, no! Although the adjustment of benefits and minimum wages provides an increase in what is currently received, the correction of benefits on the basis of INPC does not mean an increase in the purchasing power of retirees and retirees, but rather a way of making the insured not lose their current purchasing power in the face of progress in inflation in the country.

Thus, the new amendment will not bring real gain to policyholders, since the readjustment will not allow retirees and retirees to buy more, but rather will preserve purchasing power over what they have already been able to obtain.