December 7, 2022

Will Smith seems “unrecognizable” and leaves fans terrified

will Smith Appeared in an interview today one show Last Wednesday (17), it immediately became a hot topic. According to viewers of the show, the actor did not seem to be the same.

Will was at the show to promote his new movie, King Richard: The Making of HeroesWhere the actor plays the role of the father of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams.

The actor participated in the interview via video link, wearing a suit with a purple shirt and a plaid tie.

Will Smith appeared thinner on The One Show and caused a stir among fans (Reproduction/BBC)

Many viewers were impressed by how different it was, some even Saying he was almost unrecognizableNS. Other people said it was talking like a robot. Check out some feedback below:

“Will Smith looks like a Pixar version of himself. PQP I had to look at the info from The One Show TV guide to make sure it was real.”

“100% convinced this isn’t Will Smith on The One Show. I can’t even say why, but it’s not him!”

What did Will Smith do to his face? #TheOneShow

What happened to Will Smith?
Talking… well… the robot……… on…. #TheOneShow TV”

The actor will participate in a reality show that shows his weight loss journey

The actor’s emaciation is no longer a surprise to those who follow his work.

Will announced his appearance earlier this year as the hero on a reality show titled The best shape of my life, who will tell his path in the process to get fit again and restore his health and well-being.

The program will be launched on Youtube next year.

the actor Posted on his Instagram in May A video clip showing his new look, which he called “post-pandemic”, when he was in the worst condition ever:

“This is the body that carried me through the pandemic and for many other days stuffing my face with food in the pantry at home. I love this body, but I want to feel better. Enough to eat midnight pancakes-That’s it! I’m going to get into the best shape of my life! “