June 6, 2023
Will the minimum wage for Brazilians be readjusted in 2022?

Will the minimum wage for Brazilians be readjusted in 2022?

new rumors Re-adjusting the minimum wage of Brazilians have run the media in recent days. It appeared after the President of the Federal Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, enacted the law that lays down The national floor is 1,212 BRL Until 2022.

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The bad news is that the text does not touch on a new increase for this year, only confirming the temporary measure passed by the government in January. In other words: it is just a formality for declaring the official value of the minimum in Brazil.

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) is the indicator used to measure inflation Country official. Based on it, the federal government calculates the percentage of the amendment to be adopted in the following year, which in 2021 was 10.18%.

Minimum wage in 2023

Over the course of each year, the Ministry of Economy publishes a national floor forecast for the next year, based on high inflation. According to the latest preview released, INPC is supposed to close 2022 with a gain of 8.1%, which will raise the bar for Minimum wage to R$1,310 in 2023.

However, this is only an estimate of the inflation accumulating in 2022, as it should not stop rising in the coming months. Thus, it will be necessary to recalculate the adjustment to avoid the loss of purchasing power of the workers.

According to the Ministry of Economy, each real increase in the national floor generates expenditures of about R$365 million for the public treasury.