October 2, 2022
Will Vini get kicked out of A Fazenda 2022?  Fight footage recording analytics · TV news

Will Vini get kicked out of A Fazenda 2022? Fight footage recording analytics · TV news

The register It analyzes photos From the discussion between Vinnie Patel and Alex Gatell in farm 14. Since Saturday morning (17), the channel’s reality directing, led by Rodrigo Carrelli, has been studying what to do after the lack of control of the former participant in De Férias com o Ex, which prompted Thomaz Costa amid confusion. The risk of expulsion is very high. The decision will be announced tonight with Adriane Galisteu.

according to the news, the record intends to maintain the standard of other expulsion from the program. The provocation actually goes to the last limit, but when it moves to the physical issue, which could endanger the participant’s safety, expulsion is imminent.

The radio station is scheduled to issue a statement in the coming hours on this subject, but without giving details. The goal is to create suspense to entice the audience and increase audience numbers on a day when the number of television sets is not too high on open television.

The fight that could cause the model to get kicked out started when wine He went to speak with Kerline Cardoso after the former BBB argued with Deolane Bezerra. While chatting, the model said that A Casa’s former home was toxic, because, in his opinion, it gave a rope to the feud between the two.

Listen to Alex Ward. He said, “I’ve violated! You’re crazy! Now you’re calling me poison. Respect me! Don’t call me poison! Use the right words.”

Annoyed, the influencer got up from the bed where he was and nodded with a hanger in his hand. The body passed close to Vinnie’s face, and then the argument caught on. “pass it [cabide] Near me again to see! Be macho! Repeat what you did. Pass it again near my face. Threatened form I will break you.”

The two stood face to face, leaning their chests to each other and screaming, but not using their hands. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Tomaz, who was side by side, tried to mediate their separation. But Viennese, obsessed with hate, pushed him away. The actor fell on the bed, but got up again to try to intervene.

The other participants also approached Alex and Vinnie’s class, and the two eventually moved away (but kept yelling at each other). Hours later, they both felt shaken by what had happened. Alex cried and admitted to her friends that she thought she wouldn’t be able to stand the climate at home, while model Iran Malfitano told he planned to apologize to everyone for his “mood”.

But on social media, there are viewers claiming that Vini committed aggression, which is against the rules of the reality show, and therefore should lose his place in A Fazenda.

See excerpts from the fight and comments from the audience: